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Find a Local 3rd Party Crane Inspection Company in Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania

Whether you're looking for a local 3rd Party Crane Inspection company in MARYLAND, DC, VIRGINIA, PENNSYLVANIA for Annual Crane Inspection, General Contractor Check-in or Post Assembly 3rd Party Mobile Crane or Tower
Crane Inspection, we provide you with the best professional 3rd Party Crane Inspection that keeps your cranes and worksites OSHA compliant. Our 3rd Party Crane Inspection is professionally designed and available to you 24/7 365 on our servers.



Why You a 3rd Party Crane Inspection

A 3rd Party Crane Inspection can be beneficial to you most especially if you want to further remove yourself and your company from liability. You save money on your insurance too. Whatever your case may be, you need 3rd Party Crane Inspection as you can't rely on your in-house mechanics and crane technicians to be unbiased.

OSHA requires a Crane Inspection after any repairs or alterations. A 3rd Party Crane Inspection can have your crane certified and compliant in not time. PeerLess Crane Services will inspect, and load test your crane day or night. A detailed report will be provided, and a copy of the inspection report will be kept on our servers 24/7 365 for your convenience.

3rd Party Crane Inspection

MARYLAND, DC, VIRGINIA, PENNSYLVANIA – PeerLess Crane Services has been serving the Atlantic region with friendly and affordable 3rd Party Crane Inspections for over 3 years. We offer 3rd Party Crane Inspections in many categories including Construction, General Industry, Suspended Personnel Platforms, Below-the-Hook Devices, and forklifts. We pride ourselves as the best 3rd Party Crane Inspection company in Central Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, providing top-notch services to our clients with the best in customer satisfaction.

We provide 3rd Party Crane Appraisal Inspections in Central Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and surroundings and we are always excited to work with our clients both old and new, with the dedication to providing outstanding services to them in the most professional way.

We also love challenges so If you have a question and we do not know the answer, PeerLess Crane Services will find the answer. If you've got a new project coming up and you're wondering if our 3rd Party Crane Inspection services can help you stay compliant and keep your worksite safe, then get in touch with us because we can help. Call 888-622-2562 to speak with a 3rd Party Crane Inspection expert today.

If you are in need of a 3rd Party Crane Inspection, for your crane or worksite, kindly contact PeerLess Crane Services in MARYLAND, DC, VIRGINIA, PENNSYLVANIA, PeerLess Crane Services is your top choice for the best service



Rigging Inspections

If you have rigging that needs Load Testing and a 3rd Party Inspection in MARYLAND, DC, VIRGINIA, PENNSYLVANIA we gotcha covered. Our Certified 3rd Party Crane Inspectors will come to your shop, yard, or jobsite to perform a load test on your rigging and provide 3rd Party Crane Inspection documents for your records.



Man baskets 3rd Party Inspection

An OSHA-compliant man basket must meet certain design and construction specifications. OSHA takes into consideration the overall design, weight load, and continued safety inspections. OSHA requires that all personnel baskets be designed by a qualified engineer. OSHA requires that work platforms be capable of supporting their own weight and five times the maximum intended load. Have a man basket in MARYLAND, DC, VIRGINIA, PENNSYLVANIA from MARYLAND, DC, VIRGINIA, PENNSYLVANIA, Give PeerLess Crane Services a call at 888-622-2562 to schedule your 3rd Party inspection today!



Accident Investigation & Expert Witness

Need to know why an accident happened? PeerLess Crane Services can help you with that. Our legal consultations consist of detailed reports that address why an accident happened and the extent of the damage incurred. Our crane accident experts are available nationwide. We will review depositions and photographs from the perspective of an expert witness.


How to Prepare For a 3rd Party Crane Inspection


Most crane inspections are done on an hourly basis.  Therefore, it pays to be prepared.  Have more than one unit to inspect, if possible, so that the cost of mobilization is amortized over more than one unit.


1.     Have a multi-sheave hook block reeved on the main hoist at least 4 parts, so that all of the wire rope can be inspected by putting it in the air.

2.     Have the machine(s) set up in an area where the boom can be lowered to the ground, so that it can be fully inspected.

3.     Have a test weight of 3 to 5 tons.  The test weight should be something easy to rig, such as a Jersey Barrier, Concrete Deadman, Crane Counterweight, Air Compressor, etc.  These items have known weights, so that the inspector can not only check the winch/hoist & brake, but also the calibration of the LMI/RCI or whatever load indication device is present.

4.     Make sure that the machines have their Logbooks, Operators Manuals, Fire Extinguisher (10BC), and Capacity Charts on the rig(s).


5.     Have the operator familiar with the machine available to run it.


6.     Have both hoist lines out if it is a two-line machine.


7.     If the inspection is scheduled to inspect at a new jobsite where the crane is being erected, try to time the inspector's arrival for when the boom is together, but not put into the air.  It will again save time and your cost will be lower.


Looking for a 3rd Party Crane Inspection in your location?


Consider PeerLess Crane Services. There are several benefits to working with PeerLess Crane Services for your 3rd Party Crane Inspection needs; Punctuality, our Crane Inspections experts are always punctual. Professional 3rd Party Crane Inspection reports. You will never receive a handwritten report from PeerLess Crane Services. Our Crane Inspection reports are 100% digital. Your report will contain all the information you need to ensure that your equipment is OSHA compliant.  We server our immediate area in and MARYLAND, DC, VIRGINIA, PENNSYLVANIA. Need a 3rd Party Crane Inspection anywhere in the U.S.? Peerless Crane Services will travel to you. Call us today! 888-622-2562

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